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Desire and patience. The mind/body experience is powerful and satisfying and many have the desire for that. But do you have the patience to listen to and learn from the body as the mind waits for its desired experience? We all have as much patience as we each desire 🙂


The Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox is Friday, September 23, and I’m having a house party!

Contact me for details 🙂

As a part of chemotherapy

and for general ailments














Tim Thomas, goalie for the the Boston Bruins does yoga!






Awesome yoga pics :)

I really like the chin stand 🙂


Addison Kaboomtown rocks for doing yoga 😉

After CLE


What do attorneys do after CLE? Yoga by the pool!

Celebrities like yoga too 🙂






Fun stuff 🙂

A very unique experience. I wish all a lovely, joyful, and happy Memorial Day 🙂