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A very unique experience. I wish all a lovely, joyful, and happy Memorial Day 🙂


Ben’s silent retreat

Leaving for my silent meditation retreat. See everyone on the other side of 10 days 🙂

Beautiful practice this morning with my yogis and yoginis 🙂

Nice and gentle with a few balancing poses to get you centered and balanced for the rest of the day and week 🙂

Thanks to Nancy and Sigourney, we’re now good friends 🙂

I was so pumped from last night’s Desert, I taught it again this morning 🙂

I covered for Meghan last night. Class was a totally awesome!

A quick outline:

  • extended sun salutation A (with preparation for W3);
  • sun salutation B;
  • flip-the-dog (massive cuing);
  • Warrior Series (thanks to Shanell for this one): Crescent, fold, W3, W1, W2, twisted folded W2, side plank;
  • 1/2 pigeon series;
  • savasana.

Plus I started with a new ab series I just learned this weekend from Johny at Tranquilo . All smiles afterwards 🙂

2011-05-01 AcroYoga


A little fun after the workshop 🙂