We are all yogis, we just have different levels of practice :

I have two Bachelor’s degrees, one in electrical engineering and one in computer science and I worked for five years as an engineer writing various kinds of software.  I finished law school and passed the Texas Bar in the Spring/Summer of 2010, which is also when I got certified as a yoga instructor.

I first became interested in yoga while I was an engineer, before my legal training.  I was much more interested in simply performing intricate poses. But my interest waned as my life moved on and I started my legal career and education.  As my legal career became firmly rooted and my legal education began to near its end, my interest in yoga waxed.  I had new eyes for analyzing what was happening and my interest grew beyond merely performing intricate poses.  I still see through the eyes of an engineer to determine how to perform poses and flows.  I now also see through the eyes of my legal training to determine how to apply the lessons of my yoga my practice to other aspects of my life.

Yoga is fun fantastic stuff at any level of practice. From a beginning yogi, learning all these new poses, to the more experienced yogi starting to see how this practice on the mat could be applied to other aspects of life. This is what I like to teach, the joy of doing any level of practice with subtle hints of how to bring this simple joy to other facets of life. We are each gloriously unique in our practice of yoga, and in our path of life.

Peace bliss love happiness